The Road to Becoming a Teacher

This new site will provide information on the college experience, including courses for education majors and student teaching, the certification process, and finding your first job.  Preliminary information on teacher certification is provided below:


New Jersey certification is required for any professional staff member employed in New Jersey public schools or in any institution under the supervision of the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE), including charter schools and educational facilities within the Department of Corrections, Juvenile Justice Commission and the Department of Human Services.  The NJDOE’s Office of Licensure and Credentials works under the authority of the, which is the educator licensing agency in New Jersey.

What are the requirements for teacher certification?

What are the steps to the application process for New Jersey certification?

How do I apply for a certificate?

What is the process for newly hired, first-time teachers?

What is the Board of Examiners?

How do I verify regional accreditation of a college or university?

Other FAQs

Test Requirements for Teachers in New Jersey can be found here.

For detailed information about the New Jersey certification process, visit the NJ Department of Education website at

For a list of formal teacher preparation programs at New Jersey’s Colleges and Universities can be found here and on the NJ Department of Education website at


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