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Tomorrow’s Teachers Instructors: Join Us Online!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the new school year! I hope that you had an enjoyable and relaxing summer.

I am very pleased to remind you of our website for Tomorrow’s Teachers instructors. It can be accessed at The log on for using this Google gmail account is The Password: FutureTeacher (case sensitive). Attached is a step-by-step user guide for navigating this website. You will be able to upload, copy, and view a variety of resources for Tomorrow’s Teachers.  For assistance in using the site, get the Step by Step Guide to Using Google Drive and the How to Access the Tomorrow’s Teachers Good Folder guide.

This website provides a great opportunity for collaboration between our Tomorrow’s Teachers instructors to enhance the quality of this course elective. While the 10th edition of Experiencing Education is highly effective in many respects, I have received important feedback from many of you that there are topics not included that, if added, will significantly enhance this program. Some topics include but are not limited to the following:

• The disparities between high and low socioeconomic schools
• The integration of technology into instruction
• More focus on middle school and high schools
• Recruiting future teachers for STEM
• The Common Core—pros and cons of the current standardization movement
• Our state and national student dropout problem
• Tips for applying for teacher preparation in college
• Current hot topics faced by teachers
• Parental/community involvement
• History of education in NJ
• TED Talks and YouTube videos as resources
• Compiling a list of recent movies for future teachers
• The role of the superintendent, Child Study team, guidance counselors, child psychologists, social workers in schools and LDTC’s
• Diversity in our classrooms
• Recruiting diversity to our teaching force
• LGBTQ students
• Additional topics on ESL and teaching foreign languages

This website will provide a great way for us to share and collaborate with each other. I am very thankful to David Eggert, a student at Rider University, for his help developing this website. I welcome your input and any ways to improve this offering.

Have a great year and thanks, as always, for everything that you do for our future teachers.

Good wishes,

Larry Fieber
Executive Director, Center for Future Educators
State Director, NJ Future Educators Association