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Annual NJFEA Field Trip to the NJEA Convention, Atlantic City, NJ – Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2016 NJFEA Field Trip to the NJEA Convention in Atlantic City on November 11th! A special thanks goes to the NJFEA State Officers for their exemplary service representing the New Jersey Future Educators Association, and to Ms. Jeanne DelColle, our NJFEA session keynote speaker. The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) makes possible this annual trip as an exciting and unique learning opportunity for aspiring future educators.


NJFEA Conference at The College of New Jersey – We are very pleased to announce that the NJFEA Conference held on October 11, 2016 at The College of New Jersey drew the largest attendance ever — nearly 600 students and their advisers from over 40 New Jersey high schools!  The attendees were welcomed by Mr. Larry Fieber, NJFEA State Director, Dr. Jeff Passe, Dean of the TCNJ School of Education, and Mr. Wendell Steinhauer, President of the New Jersey Education Association.  Following the opening presentations, students participated in over 20 breakout sessions on a wide range of topics important to those aspiring to become future teachers and those exploring career options in education.  Sessions covered such topics as the new requirements to become a teacher, using apps and social media as learning tools in the classroom, teaching students who are deaf and hard of hearing, understanding the joys and challenges of early childhood education and elementary education, learning what makes teaching math and science special…and fun, understanding the job of principals, teaching in urban schools, etc.  There was something for everyone! All sessions were presented by TCNJ faculty and school district personnel having recognized accomplishments in their areas of expertise.

JULY 2016

2016 Urban Teacher Academy at The College of New Jersey – Another successful UTA was held from July 18-July 29, 2016 on the campus of The College of New Jersey.  Over 50 high school juniors who aspire to be tomorrow’s teachers participated in this two-week intensive experience designed to expose them to all facets of education — from the classroom to the Legistlature.  The annual summer program ends with an innovative, highly popular “UTA School” where the participating high school juniors become ‘teachers’ for a day — teaching lessons in STEM and physical education to a group of approximately 60 elementary school children.  This opportunity is made available through a successful partnership developed between the Center for Future Educators and the Ewing Summer Day Camp program at the Ewing Community Center.  We wish the best to all of the 2016 UTA students in the pursuit of their future plans!

NJFEA State Officers Leadership Training:  Congratulations to our 2016-17 NJFEA State Officers: Clifford Kyei (President), American History High School; Julia Melao (Vice President), Arthur L. Johnson High School; Emily Normand (Secretary), Allentown High School; Naomi Campbell (Northern Region Representative), Liberty High School; Irvic Gondor (Central Region Representative), Nottingham High School; and Shannon Brogan (Southern Region Representative), Burlington Township High School. The new officers attended a special orientation and leadership training program at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, on July 7, 2016, to begin their year of service.

JUNE 2016

NJFEA Recognition Dinner – Thank you to all who participated in our Annual NJFEA Recognition Dinner at the New Jersey Education Association Headquarters on June 22, 2016. NJFEA State Director, Mr. Larry Fieber, hosted the event to recognize the year-long service of the 2015-16 NJFEA State Officers (Katelyn Page, Makenzie Kern, Joely DeMonte, Nicholas Quintero, Samantha Nielsen, and DJ Hager), and to welcome the 2016-17 NJFEA State Officers-Elect (Clifford Kyei – American History High School, Irvic Gondor – Nottingham High School, Emily Normand – Allentown High School, Naomi Campbell – Liberty High School/Jersey City Public Schools, Shannon Brogan – Burlington Township High School, and Julia Melao – Arthur L. Johnson High School/Clark Public Schools). In addition to recognizing the out-going and in-coming NJFEA State Officers, Mr. Fieber announced the five winners of the NJFEA scholarship: Nicholas Vollaro – Middletown High School South, Joely DeMonte – Nottingham High School, Sophia Adelson – West Orange High School, Nia Houston – American History High School, and Catherine Delsandro – Cranford High School.

The students were also honored with a special message from NJEA President, Mr. Wendell Steinhauer, who was present for the entire event to be a part of the recognition ceremonies and to speak the students, their families and friends. Additionally, former Urban Teacher Academy students and graduate of The College of New Jersey, Mr. Andrew Lewis, a current teacher, presented the keynote address. Mr. Lewis talked of his journey from a student in the classroom to his place at the front of the class. We were also joined by other former participants in the NJFEA and Center for Future Educator programs: Ms. Rachel Redelico, Mr. Dan Kaplan, and Ms. Hannah Pawlak. Kayla Jerman and Arianna Sirimis, current education major at The College of New Jersey and program assistants with the Center for Future Educators, assisted in coordinating the evening’s activities.

This was a deeply meaningful event for all of our outstanding future educators and for our former NJFEA students who are now themselves educators.

2016 NJFEA Achievement Award Winners: On June 22, 2016, five exceptional NJFEA members from across the state were selected to receive a $750 scholarship.  The scholarships are made in recognition of exceptional service and contributions by aspiring future educators.  The 2016 winners were:  Nicholas Vollaro – Middletown High School South, Joely DeMonte – Nottingham High School, Sophia Adelson – West Orange High School, Nia Houston – American History High School, and Catherine Delsandro – Cranford High School.

NJFEA Service and Leadership Dinner – On June 15th, the New Jersey Future Educators Association celebrated the service and leadership of the following seven NJFEA chapters that carried out exceptional service projects during 2015-16: American History High School, Arthur L. Johnson High School, Hopatcong High School, Jackson Liberty High School, Nottingham High School, Shawnee High School, and South Brunswick High School. Service projects in schools and communities help future educators understand the power of leadership to make positive change.

2016 Urban Teacher Academy (UTA) Orientation – The 2016 UTA orientation at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) was held on June 8th.  UTA director, Mr. Larry Fieber, and his staff welcomed 58 students from 26 high schools across central New Jersey.  This is the largest UTA class to date at TCNJ, resulting from also the largest applicant pool to date.  This intensive two-week summer program introduces high school students to all aspects of the teaching profession, with an emphasis on teaching in the urban school environment.  This highly popular program — the first (and largest) of its kind in New Jersey — has launched many teaching careers, with approximately 70% of participating students going on to teacher prep programs in college.

NJFEA Middle School Conference – The 2016 NJFEA Middle School Conference was held at Montclair State University on June 7th.  With 330 participants at the conference, attendance at the annual middle school conference reached an all-time high.  The students were treated to a host of outstanding speakers and exciting and interactive breakout sessions.  The NJFEA middle school conference is a career exploration program for young people who want to learn about teaching as a possible future career.  The NJFEA expresses its thanks to the terrific staff at Montclair State University, to Mr. Baruti Kafele (keynote speaker), and to Mr. Sean Spiller, NJEA Secretary-Treasurer.

APRIL 2016

New Tomorrow’s Teachers Website Launched! – This website is a great opportunity for collaboration among our Tomorrow’s Teachers instructors to enhance the quality of this course elective. While the 10th edition of Experiencing Education is highly effective in many respects, we have received important feedback from many Tomorrow’s Teachers instructors that there topics that are not included, and that if added will significantly enhance this program. Some topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • The disparities between high and low socioeconomic schools
  • The integration of technology into instruction
  • More focus on middle school and high schools
  • Recruiting future teachers for STEM
  • The Common Core–pros and cons of the current standardization movement
  • Our state and national student drop-out problem
  • Tips for applying for teacher preparation in college
  • Current hot topics faced by teachers
  • Parental/community involvement
  • History of education in NJ
  • TED Talks and You Tube videos as resources
  • Compiling a list of recent movies for future teachers
  • The role of the superintendent, Child Study team, guidance counselors, child psychologists, social workers in schools and LDTC’s
  • Diversity in our classrooms
  • Recruiting diversity to our teaching force
  • LGBTQ students
  • Additional topics on ESL and teaching foreign languages

This website is a great beginning for us to share and collaborate with each other.

NJFEA Conference at Rutgers University-Newark – Thanks to all for a very exciting and successful NJFEA Conference at Rutgers University-Newark on Wednesday, April 6, 2016! The nearly 300 students and NJFEA advisors/teachers were treated to a very special presentation by Mr. Wendell Steinhauer, NJEA President, and an exciting and inspiring keynote address by Mr. Ras Baraka, Mayor of Newark, NJ. During the day, students attended a rich variety of breakout sessions addressing such topics as: teachers as social activities, earth and environmental education, teaching language arts, physics education, physical education for adolescent girls, future teachers as advocates, identifying norms of inner city youth, identity and success of Black and Latino males, creating tomorrow’s scientists, discovering the mathematician in you and culturally responsive math education, and becoming powerful leaders now.

This was an exciting, productive day and we are pleased to have had this opportunity to work with Rutgers University-Newark to offer such a rich program for such a diverse audience of prospective future teachers!

MARCH 2016

NJFEA Conference at Monmouth University – Over 300 students and advisors attended our 2016 NJFEA Conference at Monmouth University on March 14th! Participants were welcomed by NJFEA State Director, Mr. Larry Fieber; NJEA Secretary-Treasurer, Mr Sean Spiller; and Dean of the School of Education at Monmouth University, Dr. John Henning. Students had a choice of nearly 20 breakout sessions covering a wide range of education topics of interest to aspiring future teachers, including special education, social studies education, STEM education, multiple intelligences, etc.

Teaching & Learning Conference – The 2015-16 NJFEA State Officers attended the Teaching & Learning Conference in Washington, DC, on March 9-11. As part of their visit to the nation’s capital, the officers visited the U.S. Capitol and sat in the gallery of the US House of Representatives; visited the National Archives; visited the Supreme Court, the bench of which was draped in memory of Justice Scalia; took a guided tour of Arlington National Cemetery, visiting the grave sites of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Edward Moore Kennedy,and other government and military officials, as well as seeing the changing of the guard and wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier; took at nighttime walking tour to see and photograph the White House, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and many other sites. At the Teaching & Learning Conference, the officers attended two high profile plenary sessions with prominent speakers on emotional intelligence, literacy, diversity, etc. They also attended breakout sessions of their choice during the conference. Throughout their time in Washington, DC., Mr. Larry Fieber, NJFEA State Director, with his expert knowledge of the the city, American government, and American history gave the officers detailed information and history on each of the sites visited. This was a great experience for our NJFEA officers — our future teachers — our future leaders.

Urban-Suburban Exchange – Another successful student exchange took place on March 7th between Morris Hills High School and Henry Snyder High School.  These exchanges open up important dialogue between aspiring future educators from diverse backgrounds.

Kappa Delta Pi Conference – Center for Future Educators (CFE) Executive Directory, Mr. Larry Fieber, presented two sessions at the March 6th Kappa Delta Pi Conference at The College of New Jersey.  Mr. Fieber’s presentations focused on helping undergraduate education majors understand the teacher recruitment process and how to ‘market’ their skills and knowledge to prospective school employers.


Urban Teacher Academy Recruitment and Prep for Conferences – Much of January and all of February were dedicated to recruitment for the 2016 Urban Teacher Academy at The College of New Jersey and preparation for the upcoming NJFEA Conference at Monmouth University on March 14th!  Preparation for the next two conferences (in April and June) are next on the agenda!


NJEA Review Feature – The Center for Future Educators at The College of New Jersey was featured on the cover of the January 2016 issue of the NJEA Review. This is a tremendous honor and we invite everyone to read the full article online here! All of our programs for future teachers are fully funded by the New Jersey Education Association. We are enormously grateful to the NJEA and its leadership for its unwavering support, and for its commitment to the next generation of aspiring educators and to the children who will sit in their classrooms in New Jersey.

NJFEA Conference at TCNJ – The first regional NJFEA Conference held at The College of New Jersey on January 15th drew over 400 students and their advisers.  Participating students enjoyed a rich selection of over 20 breakout sessions on topics such as teaching in a special education classroom, learning how to teach science, creating positive classroom environments, and much more.  The NJFEA was honored to have a number of special guests present for this first conference of 2016, including Mr. Wendell Steinhauer (President, New Jersey Education Association) and Ms. Kimberley Harrington (Assistant Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Education).

CFE/NJFEA Presentation at NJEA Headquarters – CFE Executive Director/NJFEA State Director Larry Fieber made a presentation to the Teachers of the Year Committee meeting, chaired by NJEA Vice President Ms. Marie Blistan, at the NJEA Headquarters on January 19th.  The presentation introduced the audience of highly accomplished educators to the program offerings of the CFE/NJFEA.  Mr. Fieber was accompanied by four former Urban Teacher Academy (UTA) students:  Bridget McManus (3rd year teacher at Trenton Central High School), Dan Kaplan (1st year teacher in Bernards Township), Rachel Redelico (December 2015 graduate of The College of New Jersey and Literacy Support Teacher in Hopewell Township), and Kayla Jerman (senior early childhood education major at The College of New Jersey).  All discussed the impact of the UTA and other CFE/NJFEA programs on their plans and preparation for becoming tomorrow’s teachers.  This was a powerful presentation that drew many questions and comments from the Teachers of the Year.  We look forward to expanded involvement in CFE/NJFEA programs of this group of highly dedicated and talented educators.

Urban-Suburban Student Exchange – Thanks to all Henry Snyder High School and Morris Hills High School students who participated in the Urban-Suburban Student Exchange on January 22. These exchanges are designed to open dialogue and build bridges between aspiring future educators from diverse backgrounds. More exchanges will be scheduled throughout 2016.