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NJFEA State Officers Interview NJEA Vice President Mr. Wendell Steinhauer – During the 2011 NJFEA Field Trip to the NJEA Convention, the NJFEA State Officers were given a special opportunity to meet with NJEA Vice President Mr. Wendell Steinhauer for an open discussion about teachers, the teaching profession, schools, and education generally in New Jersey. The NJFEA State Officers were very appreciative of Mr. Steinhauer’s time, insight, and support for aspiring teachers. 

Read the NJFEA State Officers’ reactions to the conversation with Mr. Steinhauer here.


NJFEA State Officer Receives Junior Achievement Award – Arianne Wade, a senior at University High School in Newark, is one of four students receiving the Junior Achievement of New Jersey (JANJ) Youth Investment Raffle. She has served as a JA High School Hero for the past six years and is currently a state officer for the NJ Future Educators Association. Arianne will volunteer with Junior Achievement again this January. Read more.

The 2011 NJFEA Field Trip to the NJEA Convention was a great success! The NJFEA State Officers, along with NJFEA State Director Larry Fieber, arrived a day early to participate in some of the convention activities and to prepare for the arrival of NJFEA members from across the state on Friday, November 11. During this trip, NJFEA members had the opportunity to hear from exciting and inspirational educators, network with other NJFEA members statewide, meet and hear from the NJFEA State Officers, and visit the wide range of exhibits on the convention floor. The NJFEA State Officers also had the opportunity to visit with, and interview, NJEA Vice President Wendell Steinhauer.  See also the Press of Atlantic City article.

We are also pleased to announce that the NJFEA is nearing 1,000 individual student members! This is a significant achievement given that the national FEA only recently established the individual membership category. Our goal is to have the NJFEA become one of the nation’s leaders in future teacher membership.

Watch YouTube to see the WMBC-TV news segment about the 2011 New Jersey Future Educators Association Conference held at William Paterson University on Friday, October 7, 2011.The 2011 NJFEA Conference at William Paterson University was a great success, with over 50 participating schools/chapters and nearly 500 students, teachers/advisers, and guests! It was a full, informative, and exciting day for all!


In 2010, we received an excellent response from high schools for approving dual high school/college credits for the Tomorrow’s Teachers course with Fairleigh Dickinson University. This year’s deadline for applying for the program was Friday, September 23, 2011. We thank all those who joined the program in 2010 and 2011, and we encourage other high schools offering the Tomorrow’s Teachers course to apply in the next round.


On August 10, 2011, CFE Executive Director, Larry Fieber, was interviewed as part of a new public television program called, One-on-One with Steve Adubato. One-on-One discusses real life stories and features political leaders, CEOs, television personalities, professors, artists, and educational innovators who each share their experiences and accomplishments. The segment aired on: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 7pm and 11:30pm on NJTV, and at 12:30am on WNET.

The interview took place at the MMC-Panasonic HDTV studio in Paterson, NJ. Hosted by Steve Adubato, the program will air on the public television affiliates throughout the region, including THIRTEEN, NJTV, WHYY WLIW 21 and WLIW WORLD, as well as on Verizon FiOS.

Fieber said, “It was a great experience and a wonderful opportunity to message our future teacher initiatives. I look forward to sharing information about the airing of this segment with the NJEA and our network of future teacher chapters/stakeholders throughout the state.”

The 2011 Urban Teacher Academy program ended on Friday, August 5, after an intensive two weeks of field trips, guest speakers, projects and activities, discussion groups, and teaching practice.  This exceptionally engaged and intelligent group of aspiring teachers was exposed to a wide range of issues and environments pertinent to the teaching profession through visits to elementary schools and high schools in Mercer County, the Eden Institute for students with autism, the New Jersey School for the Deaf, the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, the Boys and Girls Club of Trenton, etc.  UTA students also learned how to teach lessons in technology, mathematics, science, and physical education. Several new features were introduced in this year’s program, including a riveting program by Project Pride, which brings inmates to schools to talk to students about their life experiences that resulted in their imprisonment. The major culminating activity of the program was the “UTA School,” which gave the UTA students the chance to experience teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.  The last day of the program ended with a graduation party enjoyed by the UTA students, and their families and friends.  Best wishes to the 2011 UTA students for a happy senior year and a successful college career!  Stay tuned for information on the 2012 UTA!

JULY 2011

On Tuesday, July 26, 2011, NJN’s Classroom Close Up NJ visited the Urban Teacher Academy to film a commercial focusing on a number of the Urban Teacher Academy students who wrote letters of appreciation to their special teachers. The students and their teachers appear in segments of the filming. Filming continued throughout the day with individual interviews of the students and teachers. The summer UTA program is in full swing with a busy schedule for the 51 students who aspire to be teachers in some of New Jersey’s most challenged schools.

On July 15-16, 2011, the new 2011-12 NJFEA Officers met on campus at The College of New Jersey for Leadership Training to prepare them for their work in service to future educators during the year ahead. The Officers spent the entire day on Friday, July 15 in training, including participating in icebreaker and teambuilding exercises. They were then treated to an evening out at McCarter Theatre in Princeton. Training continued on Saturday, July 16, and the day closed with the election of the students to their specific offices. The Center for Future Educators and the New Jersey Future Educators Association is excited to work with this bright, talented, dedicated group of students: Rachel Redelico, President; Gina Franciosi, Vice President; Amy Spina, Secretary; Sara Kern, Northern Region Representative; Juan Ouvina, Northern Region Representative; Arianne Wade, Northern Region Representative; Nicole Tunnard, Central Region Representative; Cara Aguado, Southern Region Representative; and Corin Chick, Southern Region Representative.  Congratulations to the entire group and get ready for the year ahead!

JUNE 2011

The 2011 Tomorrow’s Teachers Training Program was held on June 27-28 at Montclair State University, and on June 29-30 at Princeton University. This year’s trainings welcomed 40 new high schools to the more than 120 high schools having already participated in this program. This is an important initiative in New Jersey to help recruit future educators. The Center for Future Educators thanks all who joined us this year!

On Thursday, June 23, the 2010-2011 NJFEA Student State Officers passed the torch to the incoming 2011-2012 NJFEA Officers. The Center for Future Educators at The College of New Jersey hosted the 2011 New Jersey Future Educators Association Recognition Dinner to honor the service and contributions of the first-ever NJFEA State Officers, while also welcoming the new officers. The dinner was attended by parents and advisors of the outgoing and incoming officers, as well as by special guests. Mr. Larry Fieber, CFE Executive Director, opened the evening’s event with a welcome to all in attendance. The evening’s guest speaker was Mr. Larry Talbot, principal of Riverside High School in Riverside, NJ. Mr. Antonino Scarpati, Assistant Dean of the School of Nursing at TCNJ, also spoke to the guests. Mr. Scarpati will conduct the leadership training for the new officers in mid-July. Mrs. Marianne Titus, consultative coordinator with the Center for Future Educators, joined Mr. Fieber in presenting the 2011 NJFEA Achievement Award during the award ceremony. It is with a sense of sadness that we say goodbye to the exceptional group of students who served as the first NJFEA State Officers. We know that they will be successful and we wish them well in all that the future holds for them. And it is with a sense of anticipation and excitement that we welcome the new NJFEA State Officers. There is much work to do in service to the future generations who will enter New Jersey’s classrooms.

The 2011 Urban Teacher Academy students met for the first time during the Orientation program held on campus at The College of New Jersey.  The 51 selected students were given an overview of the intensive two-week summer program, and received their list of assignments and reading material for the program.   The program begins on July 25 and runs through August 5.

MAY 2011

The Center for Future Educators is very pleased to announce that Leilani Bell, international president of Future Educators Association, attended the National Teacher of the Year Ceremony on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, at the White House and met with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan as part of National Teacher Appreciation Week. (See:   Leilani’s blog.)  Leilani also serves vice president of the New Jersey Future Educators Association, and is presently a senior at Science Park High School in Newark, NJ. She will attend The College of New Jersey in Fall 2011.


Friday, May 13, was a very busy day for the Center for Future Educators! Larry Fieber, CFE Executive Director, presented sessions at both conferences promoting the recruitment and development of strong and diverse pool of future teachers. At the NJFEA Middle School Conference, held at Montclair State University and coordinated by Barice Williamson, Larry Fieber was joined by the NJFEA State Officers, Leilani Bell and Dina Gold. In the evening at the NJEA Minority Leadership and Recruitment Conference, Larry Fieber was joined by Rae Koumoulis and Jane Pearson, both of whom teach the Tomorrow’s Teachers course at Middletown High School, SNJEA President Andrew Lewis, former UTA student and education major at The College of New Jersey Katie Goldberg, and NJFEA Officers Leilani Bell and Dina Gold. During the dinner program at the conference, Leilani Bell was introduced to the participants as the first ever FEA International President. Leilani read her campaign-winning speech to the participants in the Future Teachers session.

APRIL 2011

The Center for Future Educators at the College of New Jersey, the The College of New Jersey Student NJEA, and the Princeton University Teacher Preparation Program hosted a panel discussion on “The High School Dropout Crisis:  What Future Teachers Need” to Know on April 6 on campus at The College of New Jersey.  TCNJ’s Vice Provost and Acting Dean of the School of Education, Dr. Mark Kiselica, opened the event by speaking from “his mind” and from “his heart” about the impact of poverty and the importance of education.   Three of the panelists were former high school dropouts who spoke about their reasons for leaving school.  The evening was powerful and got to the heart of dropout crisis and what educators can do to make a difference.  See the program agenda.

2006 Urban Teacher Academy Graduate, Laura Pospiech, was accepted into the Teach For America program in April.  She will be teaching secondary education math in Connecticut and will be assigned to a school in Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, or Stamford.  The program begins June 17th with a training institute.  Laura will be teaching for five weeks at St. John’s University in New York City until July 30.  Laura expressed her appreciation to CFE Executive Director Larry Fieber for helping to put her on this path.  “I just wanted  to say thank you so much for everything you have done with the Urban Teacher Academy. UTA really inspired me to pursue urban education, and now the dream will become a reality in a matter of a few short months!”


The NJFEA state officers attended the 22nd Annual FEA International Conference in Atlanta, GA, in February.  This is the first delegation from New Jersey to attend the conference.  The highlight of the conference was the election of the first-ever FEA International Student President, the honor of which went to Leilani Bell, the NJFEA Vice President for Community Service and Special Projects.  This was an impressive accomplishment by Leilani and important recognition for the fledgling state association in New Jersey.  Additionally, NJFEA officers Adedayo(“Dayo”) Jobi-Odeneye and Dina Gold also competed in events at the conference on impromptu speaking and handling ethical dilemmas.  Both Dayo and Dina received high praise for their presentations.  All of the NJFEA officers also had the opportunity to visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center while in Atlanta.

On February 8, 2011, members of The College of New Jersey SNJEA and the Princeton University SNJEA met on campus at Princeton University to begin planning a spring program focused on what future teachers need to know about students who drop out of school.  CFE Executive Director, Larry Fieber, facilitated the discussion and was joined by Chris Campisano, Director of Teacher Preparation at Princeton University, and Mr. Jermaine Kamau and Mr. Wayne Dennis of the Trenton Public Schools.  The SNJEA members decided on the basic format and outlined a preliminary agenda for the spring program.  The program is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, April 6, 2011, from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.  on the campus of The College of New Jersey, and is a collaborative effort of the Center for Future Educators at The College of New Jersey and the Teacher Preparation program at Princeton University.  Check back for details and the program brochure.

The February 2011 issue of the New Jersey Education Association Review features the Center for Future Educators at The College of New Jersey in a cover story article entitled:  “Growing Tomorrow’s Teachers – The Center for Future Educators helps teenagers learn about and prepare for the profession.”  See feature article online or read it here.


January 25, 2011 – President Obama Delivers Powerful State of the Union Message for Aspiring Teachers – “Let’s remember that after parents, the biggest impact on a child’s success comes from the man or woman at the front of the classroom.  In South Korea, teachers are known as ‘nation builders’.  Here in America, it’s time we treated the people who educate our children with the same level of respect. We want to reward good teachers and stop making excuses for bad ones.  And over the next 10 years, with so many baby boomers retiring from our classrooms, we want to prepare 100,000 new teachers in the fields of science and technology and engineering and math.  In fact, to every young person listening tonight who’s contemplating their career choice:  If you want to make a difference in the life of our nation, if you want to make a difference in the life of a child — become a teacher.  Your country needs you.”

January 2011 is Book Month at the NJFEA!  Join other local chapters in collecting and donating books to local elementary schools in need of children’s books.  See the NJFEA Book Drive Flyer for more information.  New Jersey’s FEA chapters have been working hard collecting literally thousands of books for school children across the state.  The success of this book drive campaign has far exceeded our expectations!  All participating chapters, members, and advisors are to be commended for their efforts to make this project such a huge success.  In these challenging economic times, when the resources of local schools are stretched to their limit, New Jersey’s FEA chapters are there giving new learning opportunities to children.  The Center for Future Educators thanks and congratulates everyone involved.