About the New Jersey Future Educators Association

The Center for Future Educators is host to the New Jersey Future Educators Association (NJFEA)—the statewide organization coordinating the network of individual chapters of the national Future Educators Association.  As part of its efforts with the NJFEA, the Center for Future Educators also coordinates with other colleges and universities across the state to host the annual statewide NJFEA conferences for high school and middle school students who aspire to become teachers. Conference participation is another forum for educating prospective future teachers and providing them with pre-professional networking opportunities to engage and interact with peers who have similar career goals.  See our 2017-18 NJFEA Membership Flyer.

NJFEA conferences have been held at:

  • The College of New Jersey;
  • Montclair State University;
  • Rowan University;
  • Kean University;
  • Stockton University;
  • Monmouth University; and
  • William Paterson University.

Mission of the New Jersey Future Educators Association

The New Jersey Future Educators Association serves as the statewide coordinating body for local FEA chapters. Working with chapter advisors and officers, the NJFEA:

  • Serves as the hub of a statewide communications network for local chapters.
  • Recruits members and assists in motivating students interested in education-related careers by encouraging them to set educational and career goals early in life,focus on academic achievement,explore teaching through direct experience in classrooms, andbecome exemplary citizens through school and community service.
  • Plans and sponsors annual New Jersey Future Educators Association Conferences.
  • Plans worthy projects and activities.
  • Shares trend and program information statewide.
  • Publishes and disseminates a statewide newsletter.
  • Represents New Jersey at the annual FEA National conference.