Service and Leadership Development

The Center for Future Educators and the New Jersey Future Educators Association are committed to developing among its members sound leadership qualities and skills, and a strong commitment to improving their local schools and communities.  We invite NJFEA chapters and Tomorrow’s Teachers classes to become part of our Future Teachers Making a Difference Initiative. Participating chapters and classes will develop student-driven projects or participate in our statewide service projects to make a positive impact on their schools and communities. We challenge you to be bold, creative, and effective problem solvers.

Participating NJFEA chapters and members are recognized for their outstanding accomplishments that benefit the lives and learning experiences of others at an annual Service & Leadership Recognition Dinner. The NJFEA also provides specialized leadership training to its State Officers hosted at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.

Additionally, the NJFEA recognizes outstanding service and leadership among individual NJFEA members, including recognizing NJFEA students in the official NJFEA newsletter and on the Center for Future Educators website, and through the annual selection of exceptional students to receive and an NJFEA Achievement Award.