Tomorrow’s Teachers Testimonials

Here’s what participants are saying:

“This has become one of the most popular elective courses offered at the school this year!  The students love it because it’s ‘real’- it deals with issues and topics that they will actually be having to know in the real world outside of school.  For instructors, we finally get to talk about the profession from the perspective of one who ‘lives it’ everyday.  And we finally get to make suggestions to future teachers for improving instruction that will really matter. It doesn’t get any better than this!  This from a 32 year veteran teacher!”  –Rose De Poto at New Milford High School

“The Tomorrow’s Teachers Class at Mahwah High School has given my students an opportunity to decide if teaching is the career for them.  Our class and the use of the CERRA’s Teacher Cadet Curriculum has given them a basis to expand their knowledge in many of the areas that will prepare them for their future studies in education.  Our class has provided them with learning about teaching strategies, educational materials, student behavior and even firsthand experiences working with students in our district.  I love to see and hear their ‘aha moments’ as [they] squeal with glee to say, ‘This is the job for me!’”  –Joan Garris, Mahwah High School

“My involvement in the Tomorrow’s Teachers Program reminds me on a daily basis of why I became a teacher in the first place. Watching my students’ confidence and self-esteem grow through our activities and witnessing their dedication to the program is and inspirations to any educator.”  –Esperanza Alfonso, Instructor, West New York Schools

“Enrolling in Tomorrow’s Teachers allows students to walk in a teacher’s shoes. Having a student write their own lesson plan and actually teach it to their peers shows future educators that what we learn in the classroom really does come to life.” –Michelle Madariaga, Instructor, West New York Schools

“Tomorrow’s Teacher is more than a class–it is my calling and my future.”  –Sheila Meneses, Student

“As a future math teacher, this program has done nothing less than further ignite my passion for teaching and [light] a path for me to follow.”  –Yoselin Sanchez, Student

“This course had taught me that not everyone can be a teacher. It is a calling you answer. I have come to understand what it truly means to be a teacher.”  –Yarely Acatitla, Student

“Tomorrow’s Teacher has taught me to be a better person by giving back to the community. I’ve also learned that the right thing to do is not to make a difference, but to be the difference.”  –Luis Mejia, Student

“This program had not only convinced me that I was meant for teaching, but it also showed me what being an actual teacher is all about. I have a new found respect for teachers and I am forever grateful.”  –Jennifer Perez, Student

“Tomorrow’s Teachers has inspired me to be a role model [and] have patience with the little ones, who will one day grow up to be someone great in life because I was there.”  –Jocelyn Umazor, Student

“This class has been amazing and has given me hands on experience an how wonderful and rewarding teaching can be.”  –Brian Matos, Student