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About CFE

CFE brochure graphic 6The Need…

According to the U.S. Department of Education, an estimated one million teachers will be needed by 2014.  Teacher shortages are expected to be greatest in subjects such as mathematics, science, world languages, bilingual education, and special education, as well as in schools that are most challenged, e.g., schools in impoverished communities.

The Center for Future Educators is established to address this need by offering a new vision for future teacher recruitment and development—one that is a focused, organized, grassroots campaign to usher in a new era in the teaching profession—one that is entrepreneurial and that establishes teachers as social change agents, the impact of whose work and dedication are felt, recognized, and acknowledged far beyond the classroom walls.  The teachers of the future will shape society as social and humanitarian engineers and, as such, the teachers of the future must have rich and unique opportunities to prepare them for this role—a role which will raise the image of the profession across the state and nation.  All teachers have the chance to educate children and improve lives; the teachers of the future will also have the chance to strengthen communities, and change the world.