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About CFE

The Center for Educators (CFE) was established at The College of New Jersey in 2011 as a collaboration between the New Jersey Education Association and The College of New Jersey to launch a new vision for statewide leadership in the identification, selection, and grooming of prospective future teachers, and to serve as an exemplary national model of future teacher development and recruitment. The Center was the natural outgrowth of programs previously developed and implemented over a four-year period (2006-2009) at The College of New Jersey under a federal Teacher Quality Enhancement and Recruitment (TQE-R) grant that was secured through a collaborative effort between TCNJ and the New Jersey Department of Education.

CFE was established to inspire, encourage, and recruit high school and middle school students who are considering teaching as a future career. CFE especially seeks future educators interested in teaching in high poverty and hard-to-staff schools and/or high shortage subject areas such as math, science, special education, world languages, technology, bilingual and ESL. The Center believes that New Jersey’s students are entitled to have the best, highly trained teachers that reflect the demographics of the state and promote academic progress and social skill development. CFE works collaboratively with schools, institutions, and agencies across New Jersey to develop exemplary models of future teacher recruitment.

CFE’s Goals

  • Set the standard for excellence in recruiting today’s high school and middle school students as tomorrow’s teachers.
  • Provide leadership for “home-growing” future teachers, particularly for challenging high needs schools and high shortage subjects.
  • Increase collaborations with schools, colleges/universities, corporate, governmental, and community agencies to develop and fund future teacher programming.
  • Promote teaching as an honorable profession dedicated to achieving the highest professional standards in the service of New Jersey’s students, schools, and communities.
  • Conduct research and share trends pertinent to future teacher recruitment.